Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Visit by TAEA Group and Roland Mazuka

The Texas Art Educator Association Conference was held in San Antonio this past weekend. Art educators from all over Texas came into San Antonio Friday and Saturday. There was a number of workshops and presentation that were organized. One of these events was a studio tour of San Antonio's premier artists led by Blue Star Contemporary Art Center Assistant Director-Roland Mazuka. Roland asked if I would open up my studio to a group of visitors from this conference. I welcomed this group of art educators(from San Antonio, Houston area, Dallas, Corpus Christi...) and had a wonderful discussion about what I'm up to and what inspired me to do what I do... more pix coming soon

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Marguerite said...

Luis -
I was priviledge to have been on a tour of your studio and others Saturday afternoon during the TAEA Conference. I can attest to the fact that these educators were truly inspired by the artwork being created in San Antonio. You personally blew them away with your "working studio", artwork and commitment to the arts!