Monday, March 9, 2009

3D video at Luminaria Night

The 3D video for the Luminaria evening is almost done!!! I hope to see everyone there...Saturday March 14th, 2009 from 6pm to 1am. 

This project is a collaboration between artists Paul Karam, Martin Rodriguez, and Luis Valderas.

We are organizing a mass 3D glass wearing Group Photo at 10pm in front of the video. 
Volunteers needed!!
Supplies are limited so show up promptly if you want to get a 3D glass and be in the group photo. We will be posting pix and video of the evening on this blog, so stay tuned...more updates coming soon.


The crowd that evening was phenomenal. 
The Luminaria footprint was twice as large as last years event. The conservative final count of people at the event that evening was was 175k, but I have a feeling that it may have been more if the weather had been a little better during the day-it drizzeled all morning long until about noon.

That made it all the more stressful, but worth it after seeing the way they were captivated by the 3D video. 

There were only 450 3D glasses used that evening and these glasses were released to the crowd at 10pm Luminaria night. San Antonio College art-student volunteers help us pass out the glasses at key points in the audience. At that time we began to collect photographs and video of the crowd that gathered round to view the 3D video. It was all very exciting to see happen. The audience was joined together in mass participation. 

The video loop ran a full 8 minutes and people seemed to watch all 8 minutes of the 3D video. People who were done watching the video began sharing the glasses throughout the night and more of the crowd was able to watch the 3D video.

We are currently working on the video wrap up of the installation day and the event night. Martin Rodriguez collected video the entire evening and we were able to accumulat a large amount of raw footage of the entire day. This video will be released in a future update where we will be posting additional photos and information.

At this point we would like to extend thanks and recognition to our sponsors without whom the entire project would not have been possible: MK1 Construction Services, Urban -15, MARAKGREEN, TPI,L.L.C. We would also like to thank the art student volunteers from San Antonio College that were organized by art student Megan Quinn.