Sunday, May 24, 2009

El Macuiltochtli Micro-Fund

Update! Suite:  #1 is SOLD OUT!!! 

!!!Suite #2 Release Date 06.07.09!!!

El Macuiltochtli Micro-Fund is a funding project. 

Rivers Tween The Earth and Sky”  is the first body of work that will be released for the initial Micro Fund start up. It consists of a series of 11 Suites(groups) of original drawings (9 drawings per suite) that are being made available for purchase at $100 per framed(18" x 14") drawing.

  • All signed original drawings, framed ready to hang, with letter of authenticity
  • These pieces are foundational drawings for the next major body of work by artist Luis Valderas consisting of:
    • Prints- woodcuts and serigraphs
    • Paintings
    • Low relief sculptures

What is this for?

To fund various projects that Luis Valderas is producing in the Fall 2009 Exhibit Season, 100 original ready-framed drawings are being released to the public. The purchasers will be acknowledged on the soon to be released new micro-fund weblog as contributors to the specific public projects that are being produced Fall 2009 Exhibit Season. Internet updates on the blogspot will allow collectors and the general public to view the progress of El Macuiltochtli Micro-Fund.

About Luis Valderas

"Born and raised deep in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Luis Valderas is a prolific native son whose work frequently includes references to both modern and ancient cultural roots," said Arturo Almeida-Curator UTSA Art Collection. "In an ever-growing and evolving body of work, his contemporary narratives, inimitably expressed through a filter of Meso-American myth and iconography, chronicle the Chicano experience on the borderlands and beyond."

Collectors of Suite#1

  • Nina Hassele
  • Ray & Laura Gonzalez
  • Deborah Livingston
  • Karen Grimley

Major Collections and Publications featuring Luis Valderas

Public Collections

University of Texas-San Antonio- San Antonio, Texas

Arizona State University- Tempe, Arizona

International Museum of Art and Science- McAllen. Texas

Mexic-Arte Museum- Austin, Texas

Art Museum of South Texas- Corpus Christi, Texas

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center- San Antonio. Texas

Insituto For Latino Studies/Notre Dame- Notre Dame, Indiana


Chicano Art for Our Millennium: Collected Works from the Arizona State University Community-Bilingual Review Press

Triumph of Our Communities: Four Decades of Mexican American Art-Bilingual Review Press

Latin Cultural Center 2003 Inaugural Juried Exhibition of Dallas-Fort Worth Latino Artists Catalogue- City of Dallas Publication

Chicano Art Magazine- Project:M.A.S.A. #1

The Poet Magazine- Dia de Los Muertos

Aztlan:A Journal of Chicano Studies vol. 33, issue 1 spring 2008- UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press